Análisis óptico hiperespectral del Lago de Zumpango, México

Raúl Aguirre Gómez


This paper shows a hyperspectral optical analysis of Zumpango Lake, relict of one of the lakes that formerly filled the Basin of Mexico. The spectral signatures are dominated by the presence of phytoplankton and submerged vegetation. Integrated spectral curves have a good statistical correlation with chlorophyll a concentration values. It indicates that submerged vegetation water, mainly hyacinth (Eichhornia spp) and duckweed (Lemna sp), and phytoplankton are homogeneously distributed in the water body, which confers its characteristics of eutrophication.

Palabras clave

Hyperspectral analysis, Zumpango Lake, eutrophication, Physical Limnology.
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